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Showing posts from October 18, 2009

World on fire

There is so much controversy in the world today over issues that seem to big or too politically heated to find a solution. Many are afraid that they will somehow personally loose out over one or several of these hot buttons: Health care reform, yet another deployment of soldiers, bank bailouts, marriage rights for all peoples, and the list goes on and on.While all of these issues originate in the needs and concerns of humanity, they unfortunately become captive to the almighty dollar bill - and those who are holding the wallet. I find my heart heavy at the reality of the worlds suffering, sometimes it seems all too much. Sadly, I think the human needs become overshadowed by the press concerning the financial flux of our worlds economy. Sarah Mclachlan released this song and video about two years ago and I remember how moved I was by it. She admits her feeling of being overwhelmed in the lyric of the song... " The world's on fire and It's more than I can handle I'l

Precita eyes are looking this way

Utility boxes painted with the Precita Eyes project. Precita Eyes is an effort to beautify the mission district area of San Francisco. About two years ago I had the opportunity to see some of the murals for myself when I visited the area. Ever since then, I've hoped for an opportunity to help beautify my own small city with a similar kind of mural project. This morning I spoke to a friend of mine who just completed a clean-up/mural grant for our town. He called to ask me if I would like to be interested in helping with the painting of this mural. Am I interested? Yes! Let's see how things develop in the next month or so - the eyes of precita seem to be winking and looking this way!

SWB: What am I looking for?

Image found at Flicker . Sometimes I get weary from searching for an idea or shimmer of an idea. Its as if I've almost got my finger on a fraction of brilliance, look directly where I perceive it's coming from and POOF - it vanishes before it can be captured. Much of this week, I've been thinking on life; the things I treasure and the things I don't care to think about. Looking as I am, it's a place where balance is needed in order to be fair and sure footed in the paths I travel each day. Balance. I like new projects and making plans. I love the excitement of seeing it all come together, but as things begin to come together - I begin to loose a little stream and wish for the beginning stages of things again. There is a BIG project in the home run for me this week. Last weeks planning seems to be helping things come together well - but I'm worrying a bit. I want this to come out well - to be good, to be enriching, to be worthwhile to all that participate

Why so serious

Just when you get to feeling to serious about things in life, you see things that make you chuckle. Like a warped muddy snowman, complete with scarf and mittens on sticks, in the neighbors yard - in OCTOBER! or - Your dog goes completely nuts with the new ball she got and runs all over the place, wiping out and grappling to catch it. Over and over and over again. or - you family does something nice and silly that makes you crack up. So much for being serious.