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Good Shepherd

Shepherd in the light of day, Share with us your whole heart. Loving people today - make us a new start. Jesus’ blessing, we carry – it’s a blessing we are called to share. Good Shepherd lead us all along the way, From each new beginning and in the midst of the fray. We are bound up in God’s presence – in the dark valley and fields of green. The Good Shepherd is guide us on high ground, low ground and all places in between. Shepherd in the light of day, Shepherd in the dark of night Share with us your “Good Shepherd” heart. Help us love people today – Jesus, make us a new start. Painting -  The Little Shepherdess  is a  painting  by  William-Adolphe Bouguereau  completed in 1889 Poem Copyright 2019 T.L. Eastman Based on 23rd Psalm