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You are a gift

(Nigel - Fall 2011) You are the gift that arrived into my life fifteen years ago today. You tried to arrive early, and once you encountered all that fuss, you decided it best to hang out where you were comfy until the last possible moment. But when you arrived, you wasted no time all. When you came into the room, you were bright, alert and unexpectedly calm. As your Dad held you in his arms for the first time, I called your name. "Nigel, hello there. It's good to finally see you!" At the first mention of your name, you turned your head and eyes to meet mine. There was an audible gasp from the medical staff in the room. "He turned his head and looked right at you!" Everyone was impressed with how clever you were, even at that very tender age. People still are impressed. They love your spunk, your concern for those in need, your depth of thought and yes even your sometimes-snarky sense of humor. You are a gift that we did not deserve, and yet here you are. Th