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Noah and the whale - Love

The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about his little boy Noah and all his Noahism's. Today while listening to a mix on Pandora, I came across a band called Noah and the whale. I don't know too much about this band, but the common name caught my attention as well as the song and video posted above. I hope you are feeling loved today. Either way, consider this song and sentiment as some love being sent your way - from me and of course, Noah. :) Happy Friday! Tara


Celebration by Keith Mallett found at "It's a black" Today is a rather normal Thursday. I took my kids to school and then got ready to go on a long run. It's amazing that I can say the words "long run" and now be able to actually do it. For the last 2 1/2 years, I'm been on this journey of learning how to run for fitness and dare I say it - fun! This was not my perspective two years ago, but wow time has changed things. Today I'm celebrating the fact that I went on a run and ran 5.1 miles! I know it may not be a marathon, but this is my longest distance run since I began this effort and I recall when running from telephone pole to telephone pole seemed impossible. I started this effort with the Couch to 5k online guide , did that several times, ran in a few 5k races and now I go out every morning to run and clear my head. It's a good thing so I'm going to celebrate it. What do you have to celebrate today? Don't hesitate to

Thoughts on being a ripple stone

Image from the blog Woman of Worth . In the last few weeks of working though the devotions in the back of the "Unbinding your heart", I've begun to be more freed up to pray for people throughout the day, make a phone call when that person keeps coming to mind, or drop off a surprise to someone because I feel I have something in particular that will bless them in some way. I've had these kinds of 'holy promptings' in the past; but it's wonderful to have them be a current and present gift in my spiritual life. For a person like me, it's often so difficult to stop, sit still and pray. It's interesting that when I do stop, pray and listen to God; that he leads me to activity and action. I'm thankful to God that my mode of operation is understood, and I hope as I grow in the ability to pause and pray; more of God's activity will be done in my own actions. Maybe it's like being a stone that is tossed into a pond. The stone simply goes w

What Christianity means to me

This last week my Holy Conversations group wrestled with the questions, "What difference does Christianity make in your life?" and " Why does it matter that others consider becoming Christians?" What I share below is meant to be the start of a conversation. I do not desire that this be the end of the conversation, just a beginning prompt. Please feel free to post your responses in the comments or at the Holy Conversations Facebook Group. Please read, reflect and comment as you feel comfortable. . Living a Christian life is not something that I claim to have mastered. It is a daily challenge to balance in that place of "love the Lord your God with all your heart, strength, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself." While Jesus says there is no law greater than this commandment - it's at first apparent simplicity makes it easy to read. But when this all encompassing commandment sinks in some more; the hearer begins just how dependent upon G

SWB: Animal Crackers in my soup

It's been too long since I've posted the Monday Sleeping with Bread Meme prompt. Life has been rather hectic lately, but I've missed our 'bread' conversations - so I thought I'd try to get things baking here again. Thanks for your patience. I was on my day off today, and to be honest there's been a little too much candle burning on both ends - so I'm home with the sniffles. Nothing big, but it was a good rainy day for some rest, hot honey tea and animal crackers. It's funny how these frosting and sprinkle covered animals reminded me of the good bread in the midst of my stuffy head. They were sweet, so I could taste them even in my stuffy state; and in that they are so like the presence and blessings of God even in the muck and mess of life. Imagine a drinking bowl of steaming hot chicken noodle soup on a cold rainy day. Taste the oyster crackers and slurp up all the noodles with determination. Even when the circumstances are not their best, a b

25 reasons to pray for your church

If you need more reasons to pray for your church, I have some more for you. How about 25, 7th-9th grade students on an adventure of sharing space, life and confirmation class? Sunday evening was our third night of shared confirmation classes using the new re:form curriculum . It's amazing to see the youth from four local Lutheran churches coming together and gelling as a group. The lesson this week was an overview of the ten commandments and a compare/contrast on the Old Testament vs. the New Testament. Each student was counted off into a smaller group where they would decide what Bible story was the most historically important one, but they were not permitted to use any Jesus stories. Three groups out of five choose the 'Creation' story because without God getting things started - why have the rest of the story, another choose 'Revelation' because it ends with good winning over evil and the other choose 'Noah's Ark' because it expresses God ke