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Garden Conversation

So much time and energy in life is spent in chasing after the many things we think we need. Our world is so geared towards servicing our whims and desires, we are shocked and dismayed if we can't find what exactly we are looking for. Even when I go online and shop for books, I find what I'm looking for and more! On my Amazon account, after I log in, a store called "Tara's Store" flashes at the top of the page stating – " We have more suggestions for you!" A personalized "store" has been compiled by the purchases I've made over the past several years, the merchandise I've casually browsed, and the wish lists I've compiled on rainy days all in the name of customer service and consumption. There are literally thousands of potential items in my store that are ready and waiting for expedited delivery for the cost listed in the right hand column next to my blinking virtual shopping cart. At this moment of window-shopping, do I really co


Steep slopes reach beyond the vision of my eyes. Eagles circle above, never hurried in the sky. Sing to the creator of the mountain. It's mass seems impossible to move. Speak to the crafter of the valley, it's depths reaching further to prove. -We all have a void that only you can fill. -We all have frantic chaos that only you can still. -We all have burdens that only you can take. -We all have worries weighing that cause our hearts to break. -We all have barriers that only you can shake.


Just take hold of freedom. It's right in front of you. Just take hold of love and live. Let go and breathe, let go and sing, let go and live again. Just free from your loss. Free from you pain. Just waiting for freedom to start all over again. Let go and breathe, let go and sing, let go and live again. Just take in your light, take in your peace, take hold of your love again. Take hold of mercy, take hold of grace, take hold and start again. Just...