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Showing posts from October 19, 2008

Not Sleeping with bread - but trees.

One of my tree paintings Sleeping Sleeping in general is usually not a problem for me - I roll on my left side for a bit, roll over on my stomach and in a few minutes I'm in ZZZZZZZZZZZ land. I've had a great deal of change in the last few weeks, so that is probably why my mind won't turn off as easily. So here I'm writing at 2 am, waiting for sleep to find me. I read a WHOLE book tonight and still no ZZZ's yet. Mind still buzzzzzing. Moving and coffee Moving books, setting up calender's, meeting new everyone, and I'm really enjoying all the activity, but I realize that too much caffeine and all this won't work... maybe that is why I'm still up at 2? Trees Besides be awake and having too much coffee, there is something else on my mind, trees. No joke, trees. I've been drawing them a great deal lately. I saw this Nooma video today at student fellowship called 'Trees' and there was this great emphasis on how in Genesis, God create