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Cups for change

Cups for Change is a grass roots and world aware effort to raise funds for the poor, help build our local church and promote local art talent. Tony (who makes the cups) has a hair salon on 2nd street in Jamestown, NY directly down from Chautauqua Music. He has been working with pottery for about 2 years now and has some of his cups being used in local shops and coffee shops. Upon gaining greater awareness of the food shortages worldwide ( esp. in Haiti and Egypt) I was told about the organization Food for the poor . They have been working for 26 years to feed the poorest communities throughout the world! At our meeting this Tuesday, we decided to try to sell Tony's cups for $8.00 each, with $4 going back to Tony, $2 going to Food for the Poor and $2 going to our ministry at WPC locally. If you are interested in purchasing a cup please drop me a line or contact us via our website information. It's our hope that this effort will help promote local arts, community ministry and