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Day 25: A photo of your day

Image found at It's how a start each day. Soon I will be able to throw on my shoes, wear yoga pants and a t-shirt and hit the road; without looking like an Eskimo. Spring. Come. Soon. No, faster than that.

Day 24: Something I wish I could change...sometimes

Image found at blog Paradox. When out-of-the-box thinking is so very far away from being an actual reality... When the hoped for ideal does not turn out liked you hoped... When the hill is more up than down... It's just not - well, - Ideal.

Day 23: My favorite book? How about a few really important ones...

I can't say that one book or another is my favorite. Some books seem to call your attention from the shelf saying "Choose me!". Others are gifted to you by a friend, family member and even a few strangers. So for now, I'll give you a few of the books that have found me at just the right moment... I decided to go back to college as an adult student because of this book. Really. Circle of Quiet This one caught me up in the story and impacted my reality. The Shack This one was given to me by a friend during a time of transition. It took a little while for me to pick up, but once I got started it was healing and helpful to read. Leaving Church One summer I was reading this book at the beach, realized after the fact that I'd met one of the folks from this community earlier in the spring. Later that summer I met the author and by fall I had the privilege to sit down and have lunch with the author. Soul Graffiti I came across this little novel at a thrift s

Day 22: Something I wish I were better at...

GUITAR! I know the phrase practice makes perfect, and practice I should. Lately there's been too much shoulda, woulda coulda...