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Showing posts from January 5, 2014

A writing project is starting to take shape - The Best of Uphill Idealist

For a long time I've considered developing a collection of writings from the last 12 years (really? YES!) of into a cohesive book (also in a Kindle format for easy download). So, with some trepidation and excitement I'm beginning on the sorting and organizing stage of this project. There is much to consider,but I'll be filling you all in bit by bit as things develop. I may even use Kickstarter as a means to expedite finding resources to help with printing costs. Upon first steps, I'm already amazed at the sheer quantity of writing that has taken place over this period of time. (2004 had 200 pages alone!) At this point, it looks like there will be at least three volumes in this project - but I hope to have the first one available by summer of 2014. Thanks to all the 18,679 readers that visited Uphill Idealist in 2014 and to all the readers before. This would never have been possible to even consider without you. If you are interested in ordering a copy or have favo

A Hercules inspired poem for January 2014

On Tuesday morning I was inspired by the recent cold, blowy and frigid weather to write a little poem/prayer. I hope it warms your heart and puts a smile on your face. (By the way, remember to wrap that beautiful mug up in a sweater and hat!) Keep the heat in my house - keep us warm like a  mouse. Keep the heat in my house today. May the pipes freely flow - despite the cold and snow.  May those pipes freely flow all day. ( and night) Not only for me, but all people let this be, not only for  me today. Heat, water and shelter for all humanity, for  all humanity I pray. Stay warm folks - and happy 2014!