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New songs and a show just in time for Christmas

So I spent today working on some house hold chores, correspondence and some creative tinkering and recorded 4 demo songs and posted them to my music page on myspace. Please visit and take a listen to my songs and let me know your thoughts. Add me as a friend if you are on myspace as well. Cheers and happy Christmas! Tara Lamont PS. If you are close by stop by at Labyrinth Press Co. on Saturday night at 8pm to see me and my friend James perform. All ages and no cover fee.

A Christmas poem

Thank you for those who are lost and find their way home. Christmas feels better where you are known. Thanks for the chance to give to those who don't have - The things that they need to recover what lasts. Christmas arrives in the hope and the joy of relationships grown - not in shiny new toys. Thank you for moments that we share hand in hand. Knowing in our hearts we are a kindred clan. Thank you for gifts that astound and surprise. The kind that only happen with love to inspire. Christmas arrives with a star in the sky. With God in a manger and a shepherd's soft sigh. Copyright 2007 T. Eastman


So my friend Julia has told me about this Twitter ad on for my blog... facebook ...even my cell phone so I can "twitter" about what I'm up to moment to moment. I'll give it a try as long as I get to have coffee with her more often. (Hint, hint - I'll be at the Lab later ok?). Yours twitterly, Tara

How did my daughter grow so fast?

I read this poem after signing up for a daily email from the Writer's Almanac . It really captures the pivotal moment that our children take one step closer to adulthood and one step away from Mum and Dad. _________________________________________________________________________________ My Daughter at 14, Christmas Dance , 1981 by Maria Mazziotti Gillan Panic in your face, you write questions to ask him. When he arrives, you are serene, your fear unbetrayed. How unlike me you are. After the dance, I see your happiness; he holds your hand. Though you barely speak, your body pulses messages I can read all too well. He kisses you goodnight, his body moving toward yours, and yours responding. I am frightened, guard my tongue for fear my mother will pop out of my mouth. "He is not shy," I say. You giggle, a little girl again, but you tell me he kissed you on the dance floor. "Once?" I ask. "No, a lot." We ride through rain-shining 1 a.m. streets. I bite bac

Seven days and counting

For the past few mornings I've woken to a few repeated statements. "Argh, it's too cold to get out of bed!" and " It's ______ days to Christmas!" Somehow, I feel caught between the excited momentum of the season and the bitter cold that makes me want to hibernate. Do I want to make Christmas cookies or dream about Sugar Plums? Do I want to madly decorate my home with lights and garland or would I prefer to drive around looking at my neighbors efforts? Either way, for the first time in in a very long time, there is the time to consider, plan and re-plan the events of the holiday season. This weekend I will play at my favorite coffee shop on Saturday evening, Sunday we will hold our church Christmas program and lunch, and Christmas Eve I will share a devotional at the candlelight service at 11pm. The few things I have planned are ones that I enjoy greatly! Music, kids and family, and spiritual enrichment are aspects of life that I would put on my necessary