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Showing posts from May 24, 2009

Prayer for Darcey

Just a quick personal note here. Please keep my sister-in-law Darcey C. in your prayers as she is having serious eye complications after two eye surgeries in the past few weeks. She is having eye problems related to diabetes, and things are not shaping up to very positive at the moment. Pray for healing, pray for her to get in contact with the right Doctors, pray for her spirits as she deals with the possibly of loosing more vision in what was her good eye. Peace

Art Friday

Friday afternoons, I usually spend a few hours working on art projects with some children in a local after school program. In light of this, I thought it might be fun to look around and on each Friday post a painting or work by particular artists that catch my eye. This first painting that captured my attention is called "Unity" . If you know me, you know I'd be drawn to it for the title. But there is something in the color and the movement of this piece that give attention to the reality of tension in relationships that function in unity. There is balance, connection in this painting of these ladies standing hand-in-hand; but there is also leaning-pulling- give and take - and working to stay together. To stay united there is work to be done. This painting by Monica Stewart tells the truth. Unity by Monica Stewart

Giving and receiving: the paradox of hope

Earlier this morning, I was checking out Jedidiah Clothing and their new summer designs and I came across another hope video telling the story of about people taking the time and resources they have to care for those who are in need. It's a good story to help develop some perspective on the complexity of haves and have nots of life. Isn't it a paradox, that the ones that give a gift to someone in need end up walking away from the giving with more than what they gave away. Something to think on... Christmas at The Gabriel House from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo . "It’s around one-o’clock Monday morning. I just got back from Baja California, Mexico where I accompanied 10 of my good friends on a trip to the Gabriel House. Like any great Mexico excursion, this one had its share of adventure, bonding, good waves, sketchy Tijuana back roads and fish tacos >>Read and See more photos here >> You can learn more about the Gabriel House by clicki


Image from the blog Natural Perfumery Butter melts in a non-stick pan. Cracking brown eggs makes them sizzle and pop on the hot surface. Almost orange-yellow yolks look up at me as the whites transform from their translucent state to edibleness. Pepper and salt dance throughout, making my taste buds do a morning tango. Toast, a tortilla, some cheese and whatever I find in the fridge make great partners to what is already cooking. Juice washes away the sleepiness of early Tuesday morning. I take a few minutes to consume my creation with great delight. I am awake and this day is completely new. Eastman, 2009

I am second

Last weekend, I came across an article in Neue magazine about the I am Second movement. I am second is a more than a series of videos and a website. I am second is an effort for a vast group of people to tell their stories about their journey with G-d. In addition to the stories, people are invited to join in gatherings within their communities to help continue to grow in their faith. Seems like a very cool idea: Faith, people, their stories, G-d, and the opportunity to plug into a tangible community where you live. Nice.

SWB: Sunshine and shadow

Image from Getty Images At the end of a 4 day long break from the working world, it's become hard to remember the shadows of the last week. There were a few though, like: my sister in law's eye surgery and later being hospitalized due to some complications. She's not yet been discharged, but is starting to feel some better. After a long month and a half of little time off, I was so ready for 5pm Thursday to roll around. I had to hustle to get some things accomplished, but it was worthwhile to get to the long time-detached weekend. The sun was glorious. Playing, reading, swimming, and drawing with my great nephew was grand. There were many rounds of Mario Cart, Scrabble, and Diet Coke with my whole family this weekend. Sigh. These moments make me miss summers of days long past. There was a beautiful wedding in Buffalo that my hubby and I attended on Saturday. What a lovely reason to hop in the car in snazzy new clothes and spend some uninterrupted time with each

The Unseen G-d

I just finished reading and reviewing Enough by Will Samson as part of my participation in the Ooze Viral Bloggers Group . Tonight I choose my next book to read and review and decided on "Finding an Unseen God" by Alicia Britt Cole . Below is a short video trailer for her book encompassing her journey of transition from an atheist to a christian perspective. Alicia's blog can be found at: I'm looking forward to listening to her story. Maybe you would enjoy it too?