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Feist of a Rally Day

In many churches around the world, this coming Sunday is "Rally Day"! It's the Sunday most churches return to Sunday school programs for the just begin school year. We will be having cookies, sharing scripture and devotions, and painting a banner to be displayed in worship space throughout this school year. We also will be singing some songs like "This little light of mine", "Peace like a river" and a lyrical spin off of Feist's pop hit "1 ,2 , 3 , 4." So for honesty's sake, I'm borrowing the tune of "1, 2, 3, 4" and plugging in words that will fit for Sunday school (Don't worry, I'm not selling my adaptation - this is just for fun.) If you would like to hear the original, check out the video below and below that is my switch-a-roo for the words. If you would like to join us at First Lutheran Church on 120 Chandler Street in Jamestown for Rally Day - we'd love for you to join us. Contemporary worship is a

Grow where you are planted

On my way to work this morning, I was sitting at a red light and saw something quite unusual growing in the front lawn of a city apartment building. People usually beautify their yards and homes with flowers, climbing vines and gnome sculptures - but not the town I live. This home's small front yard was filled with rows of corn! The stalks were at least six feet high and filled with growing stalks of eating corn. As the reality of this front-yard bumper crop made it's way into my view and mind I was reminded of the saying, "Bloom where you are planted!" Image found at Rachel's Blog. Years ago I had this quote on a Mary Engelbreit calender. I loved the quirky, colorful way Ms. Engelbreit encouraged the viewer to stand and thrive where they were placed. There are a few things I think people need in order to "bloom where they are planted." Obviously they need food, water, shelter and health care. But in addition to these things I think people also n

School shopping can be fun?

The first few days of school are rolling along and teacher's supply lists came home the other day that required a shopping trip for pencils, pens, gym combination locks, loose leaf college ruled paper, binders and more. In addition to my kids a youth member and volunteer (off camera) came to join in the fun. Just about the time I thought we all had been overcome by the office supply department, my crew took it upon themselves to lighten the mood and help the entire store full of shoppers know that school shopping can be fun. Here's to teenagers, dance breaks and spending time together!What back-to-school traditions do you have each year? Please feel free to tell me about them in the comments section. Happy back to school everyone!

Daze of days meme

Pictures have a way of showing how much, and how quickly children can grow, don't they? Did you know that calendar's can shout - "This week is important?" This week, my calendar is bursting with a outpouring and fusion of special days. How about you? 1., 2., 3. Labor Day with a family picnic and grad party for Heather who begins college on Friday, 4., 5. the first day of school for Nigel as a high-school freshman and my Mom's 71st birthday on Tuesday, 6., 7., 8. several weddings on Saturday of friends and previous youth group members who are now all grown up as well as a major fundraiser for Infinity Performing Arts and 9., 10. going back to the fall church schedule with Sunday's Rally day in the works and remembering the folks influenced by the actions of September 11th 2001 through this week's remembrance of that day. Movement and change are always a part of our days, but some days a weeks seem to be brimming with it. It's always interesti

Labor's day surprise

I'm very much looking forward to this Labor Day. Each year we have a slam dunk of a picnic at my mother-in-laws home, and this year is no different except that we are also plotting a surprise celebration my our daughter's graduation from high school. The decorations are gathered, the special photo cake is ordered, and some special guests are ready for the party to begin! Heather is heading the college later this week, so we wanted a chance to have cake, balloons and an honest surprise before summer's end. Here's to hoping the surprise works out well! You're life is all ahead of you Heb - soak it all in, shake off what dosent' suit you and be yourself. You are beautiful and bright - inside and out! We love you. Mom and Dad PS. The surprise worked! Thanks to everyone who helped make this Labor Day/Grad Party great!

Letting go with Casados

A few years ago I saw the band Casados play at Labyrinth Press Co. in Jamestown, NY. Labyrinth is a local gem that hosts wonderful musicians from all over the world (really!) and tasty vegetarian food and coffee and tea delicacies. In the midst of the shifting passage of time, I'd almost forgot about this beautiful song I heard played there called, "Letting go." There is something so bittersweet about letting go. Letting go can be a difficult task, but one that is required in order really hold on to the things that matter. I've been holding on to something for a while now, and I think I've come to a place that if I ever hope in the hope to see it come to pass - that I need to release it. A wise teacher once told me, "You can push the river." It's when I think I'm in charge, that I find I'm really not. I need some time to wade in the waters of the river, instead of trying to direct it my way, in my time. Why did it take me this lo

Doodles make a difference

Doodle pattern a sample of Mary Corbet's drawing found at her blog: Needle-n-thread. When I was a little girl, I had a terrible time sitting still for any extended period of time. In light of this my Dad used to call me "Tigger", because I bounced everywhere, all the time! One of the most difficult places for me to sit still when I was little was church. It might have been the combination of the itchy lace on the collar and hem of my dress, the shiny patent leather shoes, and the big sanctuary that seemed made to run and romp through with it's high ceilings and all, but it usually took an act of God to make me sit still. My Dad was the person I'd usually sit next to. I suppose he might have been considered the muscle in this circumstance. Most of what I remember about sitting next to him was holding his hand, singing from off his hymnal, swinging my feet that were too short to touch the floor and doodling on visitor cards that were sitting in the back of