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Thank you Princeton Theological Seminary IYM!

For the last year, I've been taking continuing studies in youth and theology with Princeton Theological Seminary's Youth Department. That may sound all proper and studious - and let me tell you I'm learning a great deal; but I have to say I'm incredibly blessed with the sense of family and community that has grown from this group as well. These writings are my first impressions last April...More to come on that soon. Thank you PTS for being the fresh breath of air, that cool splash of water, that dear comforting embrace and gently nudge to take that next unseen step into...God know what! There poems are for you, for my cohorts - and for the G-d that brings us all together! Blessings... Tara Cohort Community The meals shared too many to count... Just like T.S. Eliot - "My life is measured in coffee spoons." - or in my case, tea. So much laughter, questions, nerves and chatter - until we relax in the space of that moment and before we know it we become