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High five for UNITY!

Image from K.tok Blog. The gospel reading for this coming Sunday is John 17:20-26 and it deals with the themes of belief and unity in the lives of the believers in Jesus. When I think of when I've been most impressed with Christians, it's been when they take what they believe, are united by what they share and take action to serve others. It might sound trite, but the song "They will know we are Christians by our love.", comes to mind. One thing essential for such a miraculous thing as unity to occur is prayer. Without prayer we all just float along on good intentions and unattainable ideals. Prayer is the spiritual practice that keeps us together in unity. Prayer could be described as spiritual rubber cement. Or in this case...a high five for unity. Let me explain. Image from If prayer is so important, why is it so difficult to practice at times? I think some feel they don't have the right words to say or the plan of how to go abou

SWB: Diamond bread

Almost eighteen years ago on June 19th I walked down the isle towards my would be husband Ian while our friend Lance sang the song, 'All the diamonds in the world', originally written and performed by Bruce Cockburn . The lyrics of this song have always challenged me to be careful about what holds the greatest value in life. The diamonds of this world would never become what they are without the pressure and wearing away of the elements of the great outdoors. The process of making bread is sort of like this too. Without flour that comes from ground up grain, bread would not be possible to make. While I love the beautiful and gentle things of life, my roots would not grow as deep and strong without the strain of the gusts of winds that come my way. There is work included in this bread-baking business. (Was I informed about that ahead of time?) The diamonds that I consider most valuable have shifted over the years. My husband and children will always be amazing jewels to me.