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Showing posts from April 29, 2012

Making all things new, with dots

It's amazing what can happen with a little paint, a handful of willing participants, and a lot of dots! At the beginning of the week of continuing education at the  Institute for Youth and Theology at Princeton Seminary  -  the attendees were encouraged to consider, dream and ponder around the idea of:  "What is God creating or re-creating in your life and your ministry?" In response to this question, a group of attendees and our  facilitator, Lynne Farrow ,  worked on a  community mural contemplating this question. The photo of the mural  above was created from a scattering of dots placed on the canvas and the  participants were encouraged to look and see what they  could create from  something that seemed so random. In the end we had trees, water, a cool car, the sun, plants and flowers and some wonderful abstract designs that creating a fantastic collaborative piece that was to adorn a communion table. In order to begin to see what could potentially be cr