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SWB: Pieces of bread

Image from Little Dipper. There are pieces of life's puzzle that help put things together and then there are pieces that make you feel like falling apart. When feeling weary, the mole hills can seem so much more like mountains, but then usually someone comes along and gently reminds you of their real perspective. The small mole hills, as annoying as they can be, usually can't mess with the overall composition of the big picture. Alongside of those mole hills, there is bread. Bits of bread that help to keep us in the game. These pieces of bread help to sustain us in all sorts of circumstances. We are all at different stages in the puzzle of our lives. But we may have some things in common - like getting all the beginning edge pieces linked or working on the "sky" section of the puzzle. So often we feel like we are the only person that has had to work through such a difficult puzzle, but in all reality there is a 'someone' out there who has felt or dealt

Hands on and letting go

This Saturday was a busy, busy day. Each spring we have an annual clean up downtown event and for the last two years I've encouraged the youth from our church and community to come and help. It was rainy and early but in all 14 youth and adults showed up this Saturday to clean up all trash from our Church yard and surrounding neighborhood. Thank you all for coming and helping! Saturday evening was my daughter Heather and her beau Will's Prom. Will is graduating this year, so Heather was invited to attend with him. It's amazing to me that my own daughter will be graduating from High School on only 374 days or so. Heather and Will had photographer Kenzie Mencer of Kaboom Photography come and do a photo shoot just before they went out to dinner and to the dance. I'm in love with these photos, even though they make more real how fast childhood passes. It's bittersweet, but it's so good to see pictures of how far she's come. I'm so proud that Heather i