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Mining for creative truth...

In creative efforts, always work from and listen to your gut.  Connect with how and what you really think and feel... something important will surface.  Even if that important truth is for you alone - seek it out! How do you mine for your creative truth(s)? What practical tools help you to stay connected to that source? Which creative mediums (writing, art, music, exercise, etc...) help you to shake out of a dry spell? Image found at

Big and little

Big and little, little and big. All those details - no one can rig. All the letters, and emails, and pause are removed with importance, and meaning and cause. Wonder and worry and the many "What if's", settle like vinegar in an oily mix. Let richness settle and the vapid stuff rise, revealing the purpose, the promise, the prize. So much ahead, and it's only the start. Back to big and little, little and big - in the heat, on the street, all the people I meet, will hear the optimistic beat, tic, tic, beat, tic, tic, beat; of my heart. T.L. Eastman Sept. 2012 Image found at uncrate