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Delight your heart...

In the fall of 2010 I was introduced to TED talks.  I watched an eighteen minute talk by researcher and storyteller - Brene’ Brown. ( ). If you haven't seen a TED talks they have become an international phenomenon,  where people from various and unlimited backgrounds share short talks that are:  “Ideas worth sharing”. (For more information on TED talks – look online here: ) Brene’ Brown captured my attention in her short talk when she talked about the difference between divided living in contrast with “whole-hearted” living. Through her extensive research, Brene’ discovered an essential ingredient to “whole-hearted” living – vulnerability . She claims that vulnerability is an important key to living out lives in the place of wholeheartedness.  The more I listened to her words, the louder my own heart pounded. The words I heard were making something deep inside me sit up and take notice.  Once my perspective on vulnerability shifted,