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SWB: Favorties and not so Favorite things

Favorite things: Music as prayer. Getting Relevant or Real Simple Magazine in the mail and reading it cover to cover in one sitting after skimming it first back to front. Breaking the plastic of a new Cd. Listening to the birds sing at sun rise. The smell of wood dust and just washed sheets. Big sunglasses. Hearing my kids say "Mom..." River rocks. Beauty Salons. Going for walks. Snail mail from friends. Writing Songs. Being Me. Loving You. Not so favorite: Never catching up with housework, homework and home repairs. Putting laundry away. Not having laundry away. Filing papers. Not having papers put away. Scales...mmm I know there are more, but this is not easy! It's funny to me that I am more than comfortable listing my favorite things about life but the things I dislike are challenging to even think about. It is common for me to have an emotional reaction to whatever I'm pondering upon. The things I love cause me to feel loved, understood, expressive and etc..., whi