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Showing posts from March 30, 2008

43 things

I came across a neat website-blogger combo that I decided to use for my "Couch to 5k" plan as there were over 400 people working on the same exercise effort! It was encouraging that there were so many people out there that have already gone through all the weekly challenges and have completed the plan! (Especially when right now I can't fathom running for 20 minutes straight!) Anyhow, I digress. Go and check out 43 things when you have a chance - there are lots of people setting goals and have hopes that they are working towards. Your goal may be on the list - you don't have to do it alone!

Couch to 5k: Week 2 so far...

After much consideration and waffling about why I don’t exercise enough and so on ( the gym I had attended faithfully even burnt down! No joking – but that was months and months ago.) I came across the “Couch to 5k running plan” and decided to give it a go. Last week, I worked out according to plan 3x’s and got a few extra walks in with some friends. The third workout – at an indoor track, seemed to be the most difficult so far. Possibly the difference in surface and there were many other walkers and a few runners to contend with. I somehow really seem to prefer the outdoor runs – even in this rainy spring weather. Although I ran/walked yesterday I went out again today to test out my my new New Balance shoes and arch supports – and it went well. I was able to do most of the 90 second sets alright. The hardest falling on a very steep hill. This one took the longest to recover from, but last week I never would have attempted to try jogging up that incline. So here’s to week two – is ther

Pizza, dreams, zombies and ressurection

Last night, I had a really strange dream where I was in my parents old home (haven't been there for almost 20 years). We were having a yard sale with all kind of amazing stuff - hybrid trucks, exercise spa machines and such. There was an amazing stone sculpture in the center of the circle drive and it was being sandblasted to reveal it's true beauty. Then out of the wood shop comes zombies. Yes, zombies. Usually whenever anyone says - "oh let's watch a zombie movie", I run in the other direction. But for some reason, I wasn't afraid in my dream. In fact, I had a medicine packet that could restore the "zombies" to health! So in my dream, I was selling all the cool stuff ( except for the hybrid 4X4 - I told my parents i needed that to replace my old car) - and vaccinating the zombies as they came out of the dark places of the basement. At one point in the dream I was walking about and there was a heaviness I was experiencing - someone shouted to me - &