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Reminders from a corsage

It was a family celebration. So many had traveled a long distance to be there. This was a special occasion where everyone dressed in crisply pressed outfits, shined their shoes, and combed their hair so it was just perfect. Cowlicks were on their best behavior, or Aqua-netted into submission. I wore a yellow and white dress with a embroidered bumblebees. On the peasant-styled top half a single bee sat as the rest of the bee colony scattered and buzzed along the bottom left corner of my ruffled skirt. I remember knee high dress socks and patent leather molly-brown-hush-puppy shoes on my fidgeting feet. The sense of energy in this day was overwhelming in my six or seven year old body. My mind and body was a beehive of anticipation waiting for the festivities to begin. My Grandmother always dressed in modest, but stylish ensembles and her hair was coiffed to fluffy silver-white perfection. Grandma smelled of sweet powder and when she bent over to give me a kiss. I was happily taken off

Lovely things

Lovely things often aren't things at all. Image found at Men with pens.

Follow the star - all year round

Let's face it. The church calendar and the calendar on our walls and in our planners are not one in the same. The Liturgical calendar is distinctly unique and has a way of setting those that follow it on a different rhythm that follow the Greco Roman Calendar alone. I spoke to a friend at church recently (the day after Christmas) and she shared that many people she knew were already done with Christmas. By the morning of December 26th, many people were planning to or already were removing the decorations and traces of Christmas. The only thing I could think was, after all the preparation - what's the rush to put Christmas away? Over the last few years, I've begun to become better educated on the Liturgical year and its cycles, and now know that Christmas Day is only the beginning of the celebration. It was wonderful to discover that many people wait to give gifts on January 6th, which just so happens to be my birthday, which is referred to as Epiphany. Epiphany is define