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Yellow Leaf: A poem for Heather Lynn and all saints

For All Saints Sunday, I shared the poem I wrote in honor of my older sister Heather, who passed away at the age of 15 due complications from a heart defect. After sharing this on Sunday morning, I've had people comment on this poem and how meaningful it was to them in the griefs they were coping with. It's my hope that the words will help you to recount and retell the stories of the loved ones that have passed on. That somehow, in grief, we can  move from silence into times of tearful but joyful conversation. For my sister, I desire that her life be remembered not for her illness, but for her gentleness – laughter – and love of God. As you read this poem written in Heather Lynn Rain's honor, think of the Saints whose stories need to be told. Share their stories... Yellow Leaf    This yellow leaf once was green with promise.  It was connected, nourished, and alive. Hints of the fall were all around: Crisp evenings, rushing winds, and shorter days. But thi