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“Nada te turbe”

Image taken by Nigel P. Eastman from Gorilla Shark Pictures Let nothing disturb you ; even when your heart pounds, aches and yearns - warm sand,  the calming rhythm of the waves and a skirt-tugging breeze. All thing are passing; even when the weight of care seems like something you'll always wear - feeling  dowdy, looking tattered and out of season. God never changeth; even when the ground rumbles with tremors of uncomfortable impossible things -  vertigo inducing, balance shaking and hope rattling. St. Theresa knew that we all need reassured at times to: "let nothing disturb you" and allow the gentle surf speak peace to your restless heart. For "all things are passing" , this moment is not eternal. Because, "God never changes" but is the constant, current, past, present and future where love resides and grace runs deep and wide -  Just like the ocean your heart longs to surrender to. T. Eastman October 2013 This