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Grateful for bread and the bakers

Image from the blog Closet Cooking. There are days that I wonder - Why am I in this place? Where is the reason in all of this? How can this hope ever be reached? Then there are the glimmers of light and joy that break through the doubt and worry. Like a hot knife through butter, my spirits taste buds are called to attention to just-baked-bread slathered with real-sweet-cream-and-salt-butter. There is no room for margarine on bread this good. It's like working on a painting and seeing how it needs to come together; but that requires taking risks and stepping into the scary place that is almost in sight, but not quite in clear view. Sometimes I wish I had x-ray glasses to help me to see more clearly. On second thought, never mind the glasses. There is more joy found in seeing the dream come to reality - only when it's time has fully come to shine through in it's completeness. Until then, someday it will come to pass. Thank you to the SWB Bakers that faithfully shar

SWB Host post: Gratefulness

Image created by the blogger Lauren's Life. How do you do Sleeping with Bread? Sleeping with Bread is a Monday meme that is hosted by my friend Mary Lue and I at the blog location Sleeping with Bread . You can participate in one of two ways: 1) Pick one of the examen question sets and answer it in the comments section of my SWB post; or, 2) Create your own Sleeping with Bread post. You are welcome to right click on the Sleeping with Bread button and save it to your own computer before uploading into your post. Then, make sure you come back and put the link to your post in the automated Mr. Linky form at the end of the current SWB post. We hope you will join in with the fellow bakers as we Sleep with Bread on Mondays! After a very busy October into November, I feel as if I'm running full steam into the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Thankfulness is something that I try to think about on a daily basis. It is good to look back at every day and trace the lines of grace and