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Showing posts from April 5, 2009

This love never ends

Upon reading today's entry in Sacred Space , I was reminded about the eternal life of love. Just as love overcomes all opposition in Jesus resurrection on Easter morning, and love stands in the face of darkness in the book A wrinkle in time by Madeline L'Engle, and love continues to be expressed in this quote I discovered by Julian of Norwich... "... the love that made him (Jesus) suffer all this - it passes as far beyond all his pains as heaven is above earth. For the passion was a deed done in time by the working of love; but the love is without beginning and is, and ever shall be, without end." 1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Where would I be if not for love? Jesus the Christ, who did no wrong , took my place, my sin, my failures that day and washed them away in his faithful sacrifice. Then to think it was not only for me, but for all of us. This love is what I hold fast to as I wait

Keeping connected

After my "Lemonade" post yesterday I got to thinking - " I wonder how many of my blogging friends are on Facebook or Myspace?" You may not be all in on social networking sites, but I've found them to be helpful for keeping in contact with folks I don't get to see in person very often. Are you? If so, let me know and I'll add you to my friends or vice versa. Thanks for staying in touch and give me a holler back if you do add me.

There were lemons, so I made lemonade

Apparently, my efforts to seek out the sweet things in life midst the sour is working. That, and I have some very kind blogging friends who know a little encouragement goes a long way. Thank you to my Sleeping with Bread Blogging friend Pamela for giving me a lemons to lemonade award. (Insert blushing and grinning here!) Pamela explains the award as: "An Award that is given to bloggers that show a positive attitude, gratitude,and a willingness to share their ideas, support and online friendship. In other words, people who make lemonade when they get lemons!" Here are the rules for the award: 1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 7 blogs that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude. 3. Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog. Life may give us all lemons, but I know these bloggers add so much sweetness and encouragement to my life. You should go and enjoy

Music moves me

Painting by Angela Mcivor . Over the past few days I've noticed a strange phenomenon. Maybe its a resurgence of spring fever or just my thirst for inspiration, but after two full days of April snowfall and then blessed sun coming out of hiding to melt that snow; I've been a music junkie of sorts. It seems that when I turn on the radio, the songs hit me in my musical gut and insist that I sing, dance or both. This makes for interesting driving at times. If you've heard me talk about music I love, you probably know I adore U2 and have since the early days of "Boy" and "War". Their newest album, just released in about a month ago, is called "No line on the horizon" . One of the songs that compels me to dance and sing is Magnificent - and if you'd like to give it a listen just click on this link to TWTFM . Get ready to dance! Another musical mood lifter that I stumbled across was the soundtrack for the award winning recent film, Slumd

Frozen Bubbles?

On Sunday, my kids were blowing bubbles on our back patio. Today, the bubble container was almost lost in the snowfall. Its still snowing. Hopefully I can find them when I get home.

Coasting with bread

This last week and weekend were filled with lots of activity and people I love and care for. I'm one of those folks who feels most alive and tuned in in the midst of planning and wrapping up of big (or what I think is big) events/opportunities. Once I realized that all along what I'd been thinking was nervousness was actually excitement, I felt the ability to relax a bit more and just enjoy the adrenalin rush of seeing something come all together. The other side of that is though, that after its all said and done. I feel a bit sad. Yes, I know that one can't live on the cusp of adrenalin everyday - that would be madness! But it's good to know why I feel the way I feel sometimes. Maybe, just maybe this insight will be helpful to someone else out there reading this too. So in light of the weekend fundraiser being done (see the blog posts below)and the drumming workshop working out wonderfully; I'm allowing my Monday off to give me some space for coasting through

Hand drumming crosses the gap

It is often difficult to come up with a gathering activity that crosses age and societal differences, but on Sunday I think I found one that beautifully surpasses all those boundaries. I was introduced to African hand drumming about three years ago. It came into my life at a time that I was feeling and had been told I was not particularly creative. Through hand drumming, I was able to relax and simply focus on the beat. As I learned more and had the opportunities to drum opening up to me, I found a freedom to start writing lyrics in a sort of free form style in conjunction with the beat and tempo to some to the rhythms I was learning. Bill Anderson local drum maker/instructor and Rich Schuler drum instructor. Drumming helped me to refocus creative energy and eventually led to my reattachment to songwriting and performance - but I would not limit it to that alone. Bill Anderson local drum maker/instructor and Rich Schuler drum instructor. There is something beautiful abo