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Showing posts from September 27, 2020

It's time to change your mind

If I were to have a  conversation with change about changing a mind, this is how I imagine it mig ht go… “You're here. I did not expect you n ow.                Change. “What do you expect?             Change. “What are you asking me to do – who are you asking me to become?”             Change. “I’ve never heard this before.”           Change your mind “ This is different than what I thought before.   I’m learning something new.”           Change your mind “I’m not sure I know everything I should. This is a good. This is hard.           Changing your mind “I wish I didn’t have so much to  learn.   I care about you – I’m willing to try.             Change you “ In time, we will figure out how to  solve this.”           Change you “It isn’t perfect, but we have a start.”           Change you “We must find a way, to truly, honestly, love one another.”           Changed.   The art of changing our minds is one that requires a few essenti