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Music to my ears: Kings of Leon

I keep hearing the songs of Kings of Leon popping up on the radio and every time I hear something new from this band, my ears perk up as if to say, "My, this sounds different!" How cool to hear something on top 40 radio that sounds unique, creative and edgy. There is a energy quality to the music of this band that I've not seen for a long time. Some of the themes of there music are somewhat mature (ie. the hit "Sex on fire." ) in nature, but it is not "blue" by any means. Here are some newer releases called "Use Somebody", "King of the Rodeo" and "Charmer". What do you think?

Love, light, give and guide me

No matter what life hands me or sends my way it seems that G-d's leading,light,love, and gifts are the constant that keeps things in perspective. Some days it can be hard to hear or see evidence of God's love, light, giving and guidance - but then sometimes I just don't pay attention too well either. I love the lyrics to this song by Burlap to Cashmere - a christian band that was too soon in and out of the music business. This song "Mansions" captures the voice of calling to G-d for all that we need, all the things that make the difference in life and all the presence of G-d wherever we go. What a beautiful picture to think G-d could be building a mansion inside of me. God of light, light me some passion. Green fields and lovely mansions. Let your mansions live inside me. Love me, light me, give me, guide me. Cross of skin and naked figure. Broken legs and crooked fingers, Help me live for good tomorrow, Today's too late and full of sorrow. Light is g

Holy Conversations: Who is Jesus?

Holy Converstations questions for this week... It's one thing to know a story, but quite another to tell one well. Have you ever heard a good storyteller? What are the qualities that make a good storyteller? Have you ever considered telling a Jesus story (in your own words and not quoting the Bible) to a friend? How do you think your friends would respond if you asked them - "Who is Jesus?" What story about Jesus is apt to catch their attention? Why? In what context would the telling of story be appropriate? Good storytellers have the ability to draw the listener into the tale - to help the listener become a part of what is happening and who is in it. Last week I shared my version of "The Woman at the Well" because it is a story that is particularly powerful to me. The story expresses the importance of reconciliation, restoration, and paints the application of grace in a great way. I think the stories if Jesus that we share with others first should be sho

Question Blog Parade Quiz

This Question Blog Parade was picked up on Looking for something deeper by my blogging friend Lucy . I so enjoyed reading her answers, I thought I'd take a turn at answering the same parade of questions too. Please, feel free to copy and paste the questions to your blog to see how long this parade can become! Here is where this parade began , who knows where it will end... 1. What’s your favorite time of the day, and why? I never used to be a morning person, but for the last two years, this April, I've been adding the daily discipline of getting up every morning and going for a walk or run. After many years of wanting to be more fit, I've also found that having that time and space to run away from and into the world has more that a physical benefit I started waking up early for. 2. If health wasn’t an issue, what food could you live off? Wow - what food would I not choose is the question! I think I'd have to say though if it were not an issue of health or calo

SWB: Walk/bake together

Let's all walk together so we can talk to one another. We walked together for a while. I went on a walk today and happened to meet up with a neighbor friend of mine. There is space in the time that we walk together with our dogs in the early morning that allows for the best conversations. Today he told me that he's read that while walking is obviously good for your health, that recent studies have shown that when you walk with a partner (canine or human - or both) there is a part of the brain that is activated and stimulated that isn't when we walk alone. When I was thinking about our bread baking today, I was reminded of how important it is for me that WE walk together in our highs and lows, our joys and sorrows. I'm incredibly thankful to you who walk with me in this journey - and now I know the scientific reason why. It's is better to walk/bake life bread together than alone. It actually creates something new when we share it together. As we share the bread o

Sacred Sunday if you want to

Here is one of my favorite Daniel Amos songs, here performed by the group Lost Dogs (a band that includes some of the DA members and others.) (Words and Music by Terry Taylor from The Lost Dogs ) If You Want To from the album "Kalhöun" Words and music by Terry Taylor ©1991 Twitchen Vibes/ Brainstorm Artists Int'l.. ASCAP/BMI I'll pick you up I'll set you down We'll fall in love If you want to I'll stay right here Or I'll go away We'll live forever If you want to I looked through a window and I saw into heaven (Sweet) mother and child in a stain-glass reflection Out over the gate we saw angels in the garden We're gazing at a distance at our own resurrection I'll block the door Or I'll step outside We'll change the world If you want to I'll turn the key I'll start the car We'll drive off into the sunset If you want to If you want to If you want to If you want to...