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Thank you Rich Mullins for the music and more...

Earlier today I came across a Facebook link for this article on Pathos called, "15 years ago today Rich Mullins died and I've missed him ever since." , that reminded me of a musical hero of mine: Rich Mullins. My husband Ian was the one who introduced me to the music of Rich Mullins over 20 years ago now and I'm thankful for that introduction. Rich's music was beautiful, challenging and authentic. Music with all those qualities is unique - just like Mr. Mullins.His song, "Step by step" was the first song I learned to play on my guitar. Step by Step: Here are a few videos of Rich. The first is a living room video of what was his last song and the second is one of my all time Rich Mullins' favorite. Enjoy and check out this link that shares about the movie project in progress that is based on Rich's life: Rich Mullin's: A Ragamuffins Legacy . Living Room Set: If I Stand: Movie Project Trailer: Thanks Rich - for everything.