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Longing for wisdom, courage, peacemaking and hope

There is a new app that is incredibly popular this week, the FaceApp . While there is a great deal of controversy on privacy, the source of the app, and the use of it to see what you may look like when you are "old"; I've been thinking about it and what I saw when I saw myself from a more aged perspective. In a world where there is so much emphasis on staying young, I wonder if we may have forgotten the importance of the wisdom that the advancement of years brings? Today would mark Nelson Mandela's 101's birthday, and as person of significant wisdom, he said this in regard to elders: Elders', "support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair.” Courage in fear - agreement in conflict - hope where there is despair There gifts of elders: courage, peacemaking and hope; are things so needed in our homes, communities, work and world. So why is it that seeing ourselves as elder

Who is my neighbor?

I’ve said before how much I appreciate the ministry of Fred Rodgers. On his television show, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” he took seriously the needs of children and used his platform to help children in any way he could. While there are so many anecdotes I could share about Fred – one that comes to  mind on this Sunday we read the lesson of the Good Samaritan, is one that addresses the topic of  differences that can arise between people because of race, religion, gender or orientation.  In Episode 1065 of Mr. Rogers neighborhood, it opens with Rogers inviting viewers to be in his neighborhood; but instead of putting on his iconic cardigan, Rogers talks about how hot the day is  and how nice it would be to put his feet in a pool of cool water.  He moves to his front year where he  fills a small plastic pool with water and begins to  soak his feet. Soon Officer Clemmons, a black  police officer in his neighborhood,  drops by for a visit and is invited to share the pool