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Berbere Pan Pan Curry

Several months ago, my friend Sally who happens to be a missionary in Ethiopia ( Baer Essentials ), made me a fantastic pasta dish made with a spice blend called Berbere. Berbere is deep red in color and has the ability to built the spice level of any dish with a small amount of spice. It's like the best secret ingredient in creating 'hotty' curry - without using a ton of spice. I've created a summer veggie curry from the Berbere and the local veggies I get from my local farm share ( Roots and Wings Farm ) that I've made a couple of times and feel is worthy to share. If you like a rich spicy dish, give this one a try! Berbere Pan Pan Curry Ingredients: 2 Pan Pan or yellow squash (chopped in cubes) 2 shallots or white onions (diced) 3-4 Clove of garlic (diced) 1-2 cans of tomatoes with chilies or fresh tomatoes and a small jar of hot salsa. Capers Olive Oil Berbere (to taste) 4 Chicken bullion cubes 2 tbls. Marjoram 3 tbls. Garam masala Handful of chopped fres