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Image from Just a little too many memories to fit, in the time I have to think on them - I've got a sec. Just a mountain of possibilities to consider and storm, in the time I have to do them - I'm feeling worn. Just a cloud of considerations and things to contemplate, in the time I have to want them - I boldly pontificate. Too short on time and too much to think; keep me from getting any deeper than the kitchen sink. Too many wishes, too many wars, and too many ropes to trip and tangle these oars. Wanting to reach to the good, better, best. Knowing that striving hasn't gotten me there yet. Take a deep breath, fill those lungs to the peak, and stretch a little further to where joy and action meet. Help me to dream, help me to seek, help me to grasp toward those hopes that are just out of reach. T.L. Eastman 2011

Tick tock

Image from Tick-tock sings the clock, it's always got the time. For hours, minutes, seconds even - it's never off of line. From one to two and three to four, it's face always knows where to go. My face is not so orderly, but if you know me - that you already know. The songs I sing are here and there and sometimes they don't even rhyme. But all in all I try to sing what's true and that's never out of time. T.L. Eastman 2011

Pizza parties lead to regular family devotions

Making time for God and Family When my son and daughter were quite young, probably eight and four; my husband and I came across a book called “Making time for God: Daily devotions for children and families to share.” We had been looking for a new resource for our family as we had read through the ‘Beginner’s Bible’ many times and had even watched some “Veggie Tales” DVD’s from time to time for variety in our family devotion time. We were thankful to have received many devotional resources from family and church friends, but as our children grew we understood that they needed something a little deeper to wade into. When we first got the book, “Making time for God”, it seemed a little big as it contains 366 devotions to last the entire year. In the past, we would tell the kids – “ When we get to the end of this devotion book, we’ll have a “Pizza Party” to celebrate.” Each time we would wrap up a book, we would pick up a pizza, soda and chips and have our Family Devotion Celebration. Wh

Wiggle room for the soul

Image from Kathrine Myrah Photography Blog. Sometimes our souls just need more leg or wiggle room. Tara "We obviously are expert at creating spaces of other sorts. We know, for example, how to create spaces that invite the intellect to show up, analyzing reality, parsing logic, and arguing its case. We know how to invite the emotions into play, reacting to injury, expressing anger, and celebrating joy. We know how to invite the will to emerge, consolidating energy and effort on behalf of a common task. We know beyond doubt how to invite the ego to put in an appearance, polishing its image, protecting its turf, and demanding its rights! But we seem to know very little about creating spaces that invite the soul to make itself known." Parker J. Palmer