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Showing posts from January 28, 2007

New Beginnings

So this Sunday marks my "first" Sunday with Westminster Presbyterian Church. We meet at the YWCA Lake lodge in Lakewood. The schedule is this: Contemporary Worship- 9:00 am, 10:00 Welcome reception for me and the family, 11:00 Liturgical Worship. I'm excited to be a part of the ministry team and have the honor to share in leading worship, outreach and more. The favorite thing I've been told so far by co-pastor Banu was, " The future of the ministry here is as wide and deep as your creativity and imagination - so start dreaming."Another "favorite" thing is the chance that I have to share in preparing for communion by baking the bread. It's been over ten years since I've had this duty and it's one I've missed greatly... thanks Bill for letting me help! So soon my house will smell sweet with the honey wheat unleavened bread cooking. Here's to it's sweetness being a blessing to others. I'm working on the dreaming part and al

Eighteen Miles

Eighteen miles at the end of the day. How can I make my way, without the light of day. Eighteen miles how far have I already come. My life has just begun. The darkness of night. The absence of light. The rain pounding down. It drown's out the sound. My voice speaks to you, like the language of lovers' do. Lettering the obvious to reveal the heart. You're ears always listen to the whole - not the part. I wonder if I can make the trip? Take the trip and trust you. To start what I finish and finish what I start. TLE 2004"

I gave, I bring...

I gave away my knick nacks. I gave away some books. I gave away one hundred hugs and a few tearful looks. I gave away my red sweater to a friend that will use it well. I know that when she finds it, she'll shed a tear or twelve. I gave away some wisdom. I gave away some songs and I really hope they teach them after I've moved on and on. I gave away some laughter, and shared in struggles and tears. It's amazing how many memories can come from two short years. I bring their love and kindness. I bring the lessons learned. I carry all of it with me, no matter where the tables turn.

Transition and me

T- Trying to keep my heart from beating too fast. R- Racing to move forward and hold onto the pieces past. A- Answering questions that I'm still stewing over. N- Nice to hear all the kind words -that helps with the some closure. S-Singing new songs and some old with new faces. I- Insights and wisdom from days gone by... S-Sorting out papers and challenges on the fly. I- Inside out and upside down T- turning around and looking to see I- in sight of a future. O- one hope... N - never ending now free. Tara