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Showing posts from August 16, 2009

I must confess

I love looking for, getting and thinking about getting a fun new hair cut. For most of the summer I'd been growing out a shorter shag cut to more of a bob, but now I've come across some really cute hair ideas that I'm having a time considering the scissors yet again. At present, my color is my natural dark brown with slices of light blond mixed in and I'd like to keep the color this way for now. But here are the hair cut ideas that I'm pondering and I'd like your opinion on what to do for a cut next... 1. The emo bob 2. The sassy European brunette bob (but not so short in the back) 3. The choppy emo bob 4. The red just-right-layered inverted bob. 5. and an-oh-I-wish-my-hair-was-curly-and-I-would-do-this-in-a-minute inverted bob. I am such a girl about hair. So which one do YOU think would look the best on me? Choose your favorite quick - I'm heading to the salon soon! Thanks for your help and happy hair cuts to all. Thanks to the blog

Quotes for a warm Wednesday

Here's just a couple quotes I really love. If you want to find many more quotes of great quality, go to Quotable .

Always look on the bright side of life

Image found at Immobilienblasen. Just in case you begin to take yourself too seriously - listen to some Monty Python. It's all good. Always look on the bright side of life Words and music by Eric Idle Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best... And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life... If life seems jolly rotten There's something you've forgotten And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing. When you're feeling in the dumps Don't be silly chumps Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing. And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life... For life is quite absurd And death's the final word You must always face the curtain with a bow. Forget

SWB: I found love letter bread

Sleeping with bread is an examen to access to week past and see the reality and effect of the things in live that leave us in want and filled to the brim. Even before I attempted to write anything for my post this week, I felt as if my brain had been keeping a ruthless tally of life and finding my living on the lacking side of bread baking. Late last night I tried to fall asleep, but my mind was full with all the things that needed to be accomplished and unfortunately I kept recalling how I felt I'd dropped the ball on many levels throughout the week. For one reason or another, last week, I felt I somehow was letting someone down or missing one thing or another that I shouldn't miss. All this goes to show that I'm human, but I especially don't like it when I disappoint those closest to me. As I woke, I recalled a dream I'd had in the midst of this tallying of what was done and what I still had to do and what was done. In my dream, a wise author who I have a grea

The ripples of courage are calling

As I floated in circles in a pool of stilled water, I occasionally tapped the water's surface noticing a relay of ripples reflecting in the shadow and light of a sunny day. One finger at a time pressed the surface of the water sending repeated ripples bouncing against the edges of the pool. Even the gentlest impact on the water's surface caused the water to change and move. Each action caused an unaccountable reaction on the water's surface that not too long before my presence, had been as still as glass. This moment of observing ripples reminded me about an entry in my journal as I was flying 35,000 feet over the expanse of water between Tampa Florida and the New Orleans airport, on my final flight before arriving for the ELCA Youth Gathering. "All I can see is blue sky and blue water. There is not break or difference in it's shade or depth - at least from where I can see. All this blueness reminds me of the account of creation in Genesis. "...the earth wa