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A poem for Advent Week One: Hope...

Hope seems as light as a feather,  but sparks all good, deep things that are yet to come. Hope is a glimmer of light, in the darkest night.  Even in the midst of chaos, h ope is new growth of a fig leaf or bud of the cactus plant;  growing slowly to remind us,  that Jesus is nearby.  As the Solstice draws near, days grow darker and colder and  a single candle of hope shines.  A single candle to wake us up to the promise given.  A single candle to stoke the cooling embers of the heart. A single candle to give,  "  confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." A single candle to do the heavy-lifting and give us... HOPE. Prayer: Help me to be Open to Possibilities Emerging. HOPE. Copyright November 2018 T.L Eastman