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Thanks for the memories

Recently, I received a email from my cousin Adriane that contained an old family photo. In this photo, (from left to right) is my sister Heather (14), me (age 10), and Adriane (3-4). This photo was taken in May at my Grandpap and Grandma's home in Irwin, PA. At the time this photo was taken, I was and probably getting excited to head to Burton Ohio for summer camp in July. My sister. Heather, was 14 here. There is a great deal of emotion tied to this photo, as the summer of 1981 was the last full summer of her life. She passed away from heart problems the following summer after years of struggling with her health. While the context and story behind this photo are bittersweet (this is possibly the last photo of my sister and I together), the beauty of finding it after all these years makes me so thankful. Thankful for Aunts who save old photos, cousins who scan and send them in emails and the love of my family. This photo has jogged my memory and helped me to recall a very happy

Seeking wellness one step at a time

Image from Seeking wellness is a holistic journey. It causes an individual to look at all aspects of their life and ask the question - "Does this look and feel healthy?" This can be a very hard question to ask and an even harder one to ponder and then take action on. Some areas of health and fitness have been slipping recently due to two different foot injuries - one in August and one in October. Sad to say the scale has been sliding in the wrong direction since consistent cardio work has been off and on again for the last few months. I'm slowly getting back to it, but there is work - more than I'd like to think about and do - to be done. What are some ways you re-energize seeking wellness in your life? Are there any tools or encouragement that helped get your feet back on the road to seeking health without perfectionism and regret dogging you all the way? It will be a one step at a time journey - and I know that it's important to pay

Animoto makes PR work fun!

Earlier this week I posted some photos from the last weekend's women's retreat. I was introduced to Animoto , by my husband, which offers a simple format for making 30 second mini-movies. I use this kind of resource to help promote youth, church and art events. Here's the first try flick with Animoto - I hope it's a helpful and fun resource for you too! Create your own video slideshow at

There is joy

Image found at - by cartoonist Hugh MacLeod There is joy in the moments filled with: warm cups of Earl Grey Tea, puppies so happy they get to go for a car ride they speak to you, insight in an area that you've been looking for illumination - for so long, and witnessing a connection and blessing for another person - in something you've done, written, or said. Joy is all around us. Joy want to invade the dark corners of our minds - from the smile, warmth and caring action of another. Joy can fill the cold and hungry with what they need - from that hands that have the means to meet their need. Joy will make a way that leads to hope - if only we wriggle the door open a little wider. Joy dosent' need much room to make a difference in life, but she makes all the difference once she's made herself at home there. THERE is joy. There IS joy. There is JOY. THERE IS JOY! T.L. EASTMAN copyright November 2011

A year of status - facebook that is.

See My Year In Status... To make your own go to Year in status

True Sisterhood Women's Day

Take twenty women with ages ranging from 17 to 65, add a catered breakfast and tasty lunch, some inspiring readings and discussions, lots of laughter, an opportunity to build a stronger community, hands on art and craft projects, some quiet time, some not-so-quiet time, and you have a day retreat for a lively sisterhood of women; committed to growing in their faith - cross generational friendships - and a great future together! Thank you to everyone who supported, helped with and attended the first women's day retreat at First Lutheran Church of Jamestown. Keep posted for the next one to come Spring 2012.