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Showing posts from September 26, 2010

Trust Sunrise

There is a way to the place you long for, even if you are unsure how to get there. Just as your rise each morning to a new day trusting that the sun will come up- you also can trust me with your life. There is hope for hopelessness, abundance for need, grace for maneuvering through obstacles, and love; my love and the love of those I've surrounded you with - shining all around you. Relish in these blessings and follow me along the way. From sunrise to sunset, you are loved. Keep learning so that you can teach, and teaching so you can learn. T.L. Eastman October 2010 ( written at Women In Transition retreat/St. Benedict's Erie PA ) Image from White Wind Wildlife Society Webpage .

Helping the homeless - OUT LOUD!

The problems in this world can sometimes feel overwhelming. It's difficult to know just how to go about getting involved in bringing good out of not good circumstances. Tyler Blanski is an author and musician from the twin cities area, that was feel the desire to make a difference, but also was not quite sure how to help the homeless people in his community. Since he loves playing music, he decided to make a collaborative folk record called "Think our Loud: Music Serving the Homeless in the Twin Cities". In the video, Tyler mentions a friend that was not connected to a big organization or had lots of money to donate to the homeless in his community, but just choose to share what he did have - his time and his life. This friend became a catalyst to helped Tyler to start working on this album to benefit others and along the way he found many others that wanted to help too. It' s time for me to get my head on straight, and stop waiting to share what I can do - bec

High Tide

As Blondie used to sing, " The tide is high". It seems to be ever rising, churning and turning in all directions. Water is so unpredictable and diverse. We drink it, wash in it, swim in it, and are baptized in it. It crashes on the sandy beaches, spins into a water spout, and pelts rain jackets stinging the skin beneath it. Some days are restful wading in the surf, others are tumbling in the undertow of too many directions at once. I want to wade, but the tide is way too high for that. However, like Blondie - " I'm not the kind of girl that gives up, just like that." T.L. Eastman 2010

Help me win the re:form drawing contest!

If you remember earlier this week, I posted this pic on the Facebook re:form page in response to the fact that prior to then, they had not posted a female version of a youth minister in their re:form image illustrations. So to diversify the illustrations, I drew a quick sketch of myself in that style and posted the pic to their page. As quick as lightening I got a message that they were going to start a contest to create a custom youth leader sketch and post the pics to their re:form page . They will vote on the top sketches the week of Oct. 4th - so please go to their page and leave a comment by the drawing I posted there. Your comment's might just help me out. I'm not sure what I could win, but what a cool thing to happen - either way!

Why Do Evangelism?

The book "Unbinding your heart" (that we are starting this week in our face to face and online FACEBOOK discussion group ), posed some great questions on the topic and practice of evangelism. Here are the two questions that Chapter 1 focused upon: " What difference does it make in your life that you are a Christian?" and "What difference does it make in others lives that you are a Christian?" Here's and excerpt from the book if you need more to get your juices flowing... "Say it in words. Here's the big next step. If your faith is already vibrant and alive, can you talk about it? That's the challenge. I was at a friend's house when her toddler threatened to hurl himself out of his high chair. Stretching out a yard-long arm, he shrieked "uhh...Uhhh, UHHHUHHHHUHHHUHHH," as he grabbed for the Cheerios in her hand. Sue murmured sweetly, "Say it in words, Mac." Well if we want evangelistic Cheerios, if we want to


On Sunday October 3rd and October 10th, First Lutheran Church will host an art show in their Fellowship Room. The Show will be open 9-1 each Sunday. If you would like to see the original article in the Post Journal, just click here .