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Pictures of Princeton YMI

Today is the last day of the spring forum and I've been challenged, blessed and encouraged. This life cycle of being a Cohort member, adopted into my husbands Cohort and now to have had am opportunity to teach - seem like a dream come true. There is something special here. This tribe of youth ministers stick with each other. This system if flat - where veteran leaders stop to talk to a attendee who really needs some encouragement, where God taps you on the shoulder and gives you a glimpse of what to pray, to hope, and to dream for. The people see each other, laugh together, bond over the challenges of their work and hold each other up - face to face, Skype to Skype and text to text. There is much more to say, but for now know that 200 youth workers, world leaders in youth and family ministry are all together in this place and soaking up the last few hours of this space and time. Soon we'll be back on the road to home, to family and the churches/ministries we serve. As we retu


Today was the first day of the 2013 Spring Forum for Youth Ministry at Princeton Seminary. The worship was inspiring, how amazing when a gifted worship leader Dr, Martin Tell can unite us all! For the workshops, fellowship and art installment - it's a blessing to be here and be able to serve my co-workers in ministry this way. The morning will come quickly, but like a little child that is worn out from a whirlwind day at the park, I am thankful , content and ready, so ready to rest. Peace, Tara

On the road

The week ahead is one I've been excited to arrive for months. My husband and I are heading to Princeton Seminary where he is attending and I will be faculty for the YMI Spring Forum. I'll be facilitating a workshop on Art and Pray and how to integrate arts into church life, mission and worship. It's as if a week of my most favorite things were dropped into 5 days! On a sad note, my dear friend a mission partner Jeanne Thomas passed away this Saturday. She was one of the first people to support me in my starting adventures to Princeton three years ago. As I hit the road I carry memories and joy as well as hope, because That is the way Jeanne would have wanted me to travel. Shalom, T